Tuesday 16 January 2018

Tag: kenyanisa

Third Floor

Is it our secret cracking your bedroom wall like leprosy?   Did the wall see me sneak in that night like an experienced thief,...

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My Mangled Muse

I know his heart broke…and somehow, I looked at him that day suddenly saw the crack in his chest. I saw its jagged edges,...

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Letting go; Part two

Here you are, my darling. Soaking your soul in this strangely comforting bath of nostalgia. Letting its bubbles caress your skin at rest. You...

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I would

You ask me if I would go. If he, the one. My one. In years to come, long after the air has forgotten the...

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Letting go; Part one

The end of this love story, ironically, comes with the same tragic simplicity as it had in the beginning. Our interaction again mediated by...

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I am living too.

Imagine my surprise when in a singular moment of weakness, my fickle heart remembered the purgatory that was once loving you. And hot on...

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