Wednesday 21 February 2018

Is it our secret

cracking your bedroom

wall like leprosy?


Did the wall see me

sneak in

that night like

an experienced thief,

face half covered by

hat rim and designer shades?


Did it hear the light tap

of my shoes on tiled stairs,

the hurried welcome,

snap of buttons and

thudding of hearts?


Does it remember

my muffled moans

cautious pleas,

the flow of tears inwards and

you grunting, ‘cum quickly before she finds us’?


How could I make the peak,

when instead of mine

you called her name,

smacked my ass

when I didn’t respond with a “yes baby”?


How could I sprinkle, when

you groped my head for

hair  full and silky like hers

breasts soldierly and disarming like hers

skin soft on touch like hers

found none and demanded

‘what happened to you?’


How can I delete the chapter of

that night on third floor when

the face of your gateman asking

‘sister, what is this you’re doing to yourself’

never leaves my mind?


About the author:

Harriet Anena is a Ugandan poet and short story writer. Her debut poetry collection, A Nation in Labour, was released in 2015. She is due to release her second collection, Set Me On Fire. Anena’s poems and short stories have appeared in The Caine Prize anthology – A memory this size and other stories, 2013; Jalada Africa, Enkare Review, Suubi by African Writers Trust, A Thousand Voices Rising by BN Poetry Foundation, Wondering and Wandering of Hearts by FEMRITE, among others.


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