Tuesday 16 January 2018

When I’m With You

The scent of your perfume,

Always seems to blind my senses,

Awakening fantasies and memories,

Of our naked bodies entwined.

When I’m with you


The waiter takes our order,

Sipping red wine as we wait,

Your lips so inviting and tempting,

The smile from across the table.

When I’m with you


Walking hand in hand,

A hailed cab awaits,

Under the clear night sky,

Giggles from an inside joke.

When I’m with you


The struggle with the door lock,

The urgency to be alone indoors,

Fingers on buttons and zippers,

Hearts racing as one when united.

When I’m with you


How do I make you see,

The thoughts haunting me,

Are of a different face,

Every single time.

When I’m with you.

About the author:

“Just call me Steve. I just wanted to write something I wish I had the courage to say out loud. “

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